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Here's some of the feedback we have received recently, it truly shows the enthusiasm our customers have over their experiences with our flying treasures. Enjoy!



I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the incredible opportunity to fly a Texan T-6!


My wife really pulled off the ultimate surprise 60th birthday gift "one minute for each year"! She said.


I flew on Sat Aug 20th with Chuck as my instructor, what a guy. My neighbors were old pilots and their comments of the video were "I wished my military flight instructor was that good!" well my neighbor Bob must have done ok,  flying E-2 Hawkeye's onto aircraft carriers. Needless to say my neighbors were very happy (envious) I was able to fly the T-6 and they enjoy the video as much or more than I have.


I recommend this to everyone that will listen to me. I have suggested this to wives of some friends that fly to give this as the ultimate gift!


Also I have also posted on Trip Advisor as well.


I look forward to watching my friends fly with you. Please add me to any news letters etc. you may have, thanks.


Best regards to all,

Tim Donley

Stuart, Fl.





I would like to thank you for the experience I had with flying the T6 with John on April 8. The formation flying was quite spectacular. On my next trip, I might drop by again (and do loops).


I remember that the pilot of the other T6 took some digital pictures of us in the air.  Do you know if he still have them?


I appreciate that you took me without prior reservation.


Have a great summer. Fly Safe


Daniel Duclos

Gatineau, Qc





I just wanted to say thank you so very much for showing my wife and I a great time last Friday.  I can't say enough about how great everyone was in greeting us and how comfortable John and Graham made my wife feel about the experience.  That is all she has talked about since we left and I think she has worn the DVD out playing it over and over again.  While she had reservations about this, these two fine men made her feel comfortable and while still a bit tense, she must have had a great time as she has started pulling out my old flight manuals and has been reading them and just asked me today if I would mind if she started taking lessons.  I have waited over 30 years to hear those words.


While I have flown many types of aircraft and enjoyed it as much as anyone could, I took a voluntary leave from flying to put my kids through college and had hoped to start flying again after they graduated, but life threw me a couple of curve balls in the form of a bad auto accident and a couple of rounds with cancer.  Well, all is well and has been for a while and I have gotten back into flying and you provided me with a chance to fly in one plane that I have always wanted to, but never quite had the chance.  For that I am forever grateful, especially with the wife getting to perhaps understand a little better how dearly I hold flying.  I could not have asked for a better experience than what I had with Chuck.  In my book, he is tops.


Now for a quick question and I know I asked when we were down there, but I just wanted to make sure about this first.  While I got to take my grandson up for his first ride, it is something that he looks forward to as a reward for having a good year in school and I now owe him another little flight.  I would like to bring him down and have him ride with one of your pilots, Chuck or John, if they are available.

 The thing I want to make sure of is that he would be able to take a ride.  He is 49" tall; or as he puts it, "now I can ride the big rides".  With him having such a good year in school, I would like to treat him wth a very special flight that he will remember for a long time to come, instead of taking him up in the old standby Cessna.  So, I just wanted to make sure that he is tall enough to take a ride with in one of your birds.  If he is, I will get a couple of plane tickets and bring him down.  Oh, I forgot, I would also love to go up once again as well.


If you could get back to me, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Once again, thank you so very much for making our visit with you so wonderful.  Especially since I have now heard the words from my wife that I have waited for over 30 years to hear.  I can't express how much the wife and I enjoyed coming down to fly with you!


Thank You,


Mike Lamkin





I would like to commend the services of Mr. John Sausedo.


I had the pleasure of being John's passenger in a SNJ flight on 09 JUL 10.


Being a Navy veteran, I was hoping to fly "Ole Number One", bearing the Navy paint scheme, but she was in the hangar at the time.   "No problem," said John, despite the fact the unexpected aircraft change caused quite a bit of jockeying around on his part, including dismounting and remounting the wing camera, transferring miscellaneous gear, towing out the airplane, re-cleaning its canopy, etc.   All of these chores John performed willingly and cheerfully.


Once in the cockpit, John established immediate rapport - friendly, relaxed, and professional.   Even while waiting for takeoff clearance, I could tell I was in for a great flight.


Instructions for performing aerobatic maneuvers were clear, concise, and easy to follow, producing desired results each time, first time.   The allotted flight time disappeared all too quickly.


Thanks to John's enthusiasm, professionalism, and courtesy, the total experience was enjoyable, memorable, and above all, fun.


Mr. Sausedo is a distinct asset to Warbird Adventures, and I hope to get the opportunity to fly with him again, soon.


Hans Fett

Milton, Florida








I wanted to thank you for the flight yesterday.  It is always a pleasure to fly with people who have a genuine passion for aviation.  Looking forward to our next flight together.  I am sending you a photo of our DG-1000T.  My daughter just finished her first ride in the new bird.  Had the engine up just for show. 


Take care,


Rich Owen    





To Sue, Chuck and all at Warbird Adventures


We have just got home from a fantastic holiday in Florida. We visited all the theme parks and went on a lot of thrill rides and really had a great time, but for me the highlight of the holiday was when I took a flight in one of your aircraft on the 8th September with Chuck as my instructor.


I have had various trial flights in light aircraft and helicopters, but nothing compares anywhere close to yours. The excitement of the flight and the welcome from you all was exceptional.


My family and I would like to thank you for such a great and memorable day. Thanks also for the great photographs and DVD, which I will treasure.


Yours sincerely


Philip James

South Wales UK






 Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed my flight in the Texan with Chuck a couple of weeks ago.

I am back in the UK now but still have the excellent video and pictures as a permanent reminder.

Rest assured I will pass on your recommendation to all my friends - the Warbird Experience really is one of a lifetime!









Dear Warbird Adventures,


I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience and a morning of adventure that has made a lasting memory. To John I would like to say thank you for the most fun I have ever had sitting down being told what to do for 30 minutes, and Sue for some great post flight conversation that she has no doubt heard countless times before. I wish all of you at Warbird Adventures happy holidays to you and yours and I hope to someday be a repeat customer.




Jeff Baldock 





Hi Sue and the rest of the guys at Warbird Adventures,


Thank you for taking me flying on the 29th of December I took a photo on my phone which you may like I'm not sure what it is in front of the nose of the plane. I had a great time flying with John, he's a real cool guy!


Anyway thank you for a wonderful day and I hope one day I'll fly again with you - because you are the best!





Good morning,


It has now been exactly a month since I had a Warbird Adventures.  I took a 60-minute T-6 flight with Chuck Gardner the morning of Dec 28, 2010.  I’ve delayed writing you because it has taken me this long to separate my immediate ‘Wow!’ impressions from a more objective view of what happened.  My purpose here is twofold: to provide you some feedback on my flight, and to make a request.


My Adventure was WONDERFUL!!  The conditions that day were perfect; not a cloud in the sky, little if any wind, and (Chuck informed me) a performance-enhancing cool temperature.  I now appreciate —in retrospect—the way your Adventures are choreographed to maximize the flight experience.  Everything is focused on eliminating extraneous distractions.  Of the hour we were in the air I believe I was at the controls for 50-55 minutes.  Chuck of course handled the takeoff & landing, and first demonstrated many of the maneuvers, but the rest was me.  Chuck also handled things which would have undoubtedly complicated things for me, such as communications, landing gear, flaps, and engine controls.  Thus, it was all about ‘stick time’, allowing me the thrill of actually flying an aircraft in exciting maneuvers.  And what a thrill it was!


Thanks to Chuck’s expert instruction, we were able to do wing-overs, aileron rolls, barrel rolls, loops, and a Cuban Eight, all of which far exceeded my expectations.  At all times during the flight I felt safe and comfortable, another testament to Chuck’s teaching talents.  Although that hour in the air flew by (sorry…) I often replay it in my mind, and have viewed the DVD repeatedly.  Regarding the DVD, I must complement Chuck again.  His camera selection invariably gave the best view if what was happening.

At some point in the flight Chuck mentioned one of the reasons he enjoyed his work so much was—to paraphrase him—that it made him feel good when his students were so happy they squealed like a little girl.  I was so excited after the flight that I’m sure I was babbling, and therefore don’t think I adequately expressed my joy and appreciation to Chuck.  Please tell him that I may not have squealed out loud, but I certainly was doing so in my mind and do it every time I think about the flight!


Now for my request; One of my hobbies is plastic modeling.  Upon getting home to Utah I immediately purchased a T-6 model, and intend to build it as a replica of the plane (#034, “MARINES”) I flew with Chuck.  I took some pictures of the plane before the flight, and see that you have several good photos on your website; however, I neglected to take any cockpit photos.  In order to get the colors correct I wonder if you have any photos of the interior of ‘my’ T-6, or of your other T-6s if the cockpit colors are similar?  If not, could you give me a general idea of the main colors; e.g., the seats, controls, floor, frame, etc.?  I appreciate any info you can provide, and will send pictures when the model is complete.

Please feel free to use this unsolicited testimonial if any of your prospective customers would like to hear what a Warbird Adventure is really like.


Thanks again for the Adventure of a lifetime!


Denny Lyon





Hi Justin,


I just wanted to say a huge thanks for taking me flying on 13th August. It was literally the best birthday present ever. I would have emailed sooner but the laptop caught a virus in Florida, and having arrived home on the 17th August, I was worrying way too much, about my level results and whether I would get to write a coherent email!


I've put the pictures from the wingtip camera up on FaceBook. If you've got an account you're welcome to have a look. There are some more pictures on the family camera, but at the moment I can't find the USB converter thing to get them off the camera and onto the computer, but I will hopefully get them up at some point in the near future. And can I just say how much I love the picture where you've ducked down so it looks like I'm flying solo? I hadn't appreciated you'd done that until I was looking through the developed photos. It's brilliant and currently my display picture on FaceBook.

I also wanted to apologize for how little I spoke during the flight - I don't talk much when I fly with the cadets either, but watching the DVD I realize how silent I was. Maybe its because I really don't like how I sound over the radio? That's my excuse anyway!


I am hoping to come back to Florida at some point in the future, and would love to make a return visit to Warbird Adventures; it was so much fun! Plus you have some lovely aircraft. Fingers crossed, if I come back again I might have some licenses of my own as the course I am hoping for at UNJ includes pilot studies, and offers the opportunity to fly both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and I think offers up to an ATPL.


Thanks again!


Best wishes,


Claire Cheeseman





Hello guys,


Thanks for showing me and my brother Tómas the wonders of helicopter flying (Graham).


Tómas and his daughter Alexandra also enjoyed the T-6 formation flying with Chuck and Justin.

We are planning to get our FAA Private Pilot Helicopter license. We are both JAA licensed pilots with experience detailed below.


We would appreciate an offer for the minimum required hours for both of us, including ground training and examinations.


As discussed with Thom, October would suit us fine to come over and start the training.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.


Best regards,


Kári Kárason

Head of Training

Keilir Aviation Academy





Hello all of you at Warbird Adventures!


Hélène and I had the privilege of flying with Thom and John on the morning of June 22nd, and we had a blast. That experience will be engraved in our memories forever.


After so many years in business, it would be very easy for the instructors and ground personnel to treat this as just another tourist ride, relying instead on the warbirds to impress their customers. But from the moment we went through the front door everyone we came in contact with were very friendly and really went out of their way to make sure that those thirty minutes were something really special for both of us to remember. The two instructors were easygoing and friendly during the flight and we could see how much they love to fly and how important it was for them that we enjoyed the experience. They were especially sensitive to our personal limits and were able to give us as much thrill as possible without going overboard and make us sick. Both flights were perfectly tailored to us individually. It takes real professionalism to do that the way they did.


Once we were out of the airplanes, we were so excited and we wanted so much to talk about our experience that we may not have thanked them properly. And of course English being a second language to both of us, we were not able to express what we really felt inside as much as we wanted. So would you please forward this email to both of them so that they know we really did enjoy that experience and that they were both a very important part of the magic.


It’s funny that in the end, those beautiful airplanes were only accessories. It’s the passion of those flying them that really made the occasion special.




Hélène and Georges




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