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 Frequently Asked Questions
When should I arrive for my flight? 
We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled flight time. We make every attempt to keep on schedule, but there will be times when we get behind schedule. Please be patient, we will get you up and flying as soon as possible.
 What should I wear?
Comfortable casual clothes. Please wear sturdy soled, closed toe shoes. No sandals or flip flops as they might fall off your feet during aerobatic maneuvers. Tennis shoes would be fine. A shirt with a collar will be more comfortable so the harness straps do not rub on your neck. Make sure you have a pair of sunglasses with you also. Hats may be worn, if you so desire, under your headset.
 Do I actually get to fly?
Absolutely! Regardless of your experience, you will be doing the flying, even the aerobatics if that option has been chosen.  An experienced flight instructor will be in the back seat with a full set of controls, he will help you handle the taxiing, take-off and landing, you get to do it all, depending on your experience, with coaching from your instructor.
 I’m a pilot, can I log this time?
By all means! Bring your log-book, your flight instructor will be more than happy to sign off your flight as dual given. If you forget your log book, we do have log book stickers.
 Do I tip my pilot or other crew?
Tipping is a personal preference. Our pilots and ground crew do accept and appreciate tips. If you enjoyed your flight show your appreciation. We have found that most people who tip generally tip 5-10% of the cost of the flight. There is no standard, whatever you feel is appropriate will be greatly appreciated by the crew. 
 Can I upgrade my certificate?
Definitely! You may add more time, or options to your flight certificate. If you are going to add flight time, please let us know when you schedule your flight so we allow for the extra time. The options, video, still pictures or aerobatics, can be added the day of your flight.
 Are there any restrictions?
Yes, you must weigh less than 250 pounds, and be at least 48 inches tall. You must also be able to speak English and take instruction to fly the airplane.
Warbird Adventures, Inc. guarantees that we will provide the services specified on your certificate. 
Below are the terms and conditions of this guarantee.

If you purchased your flight directly through Warbird Adventures, Inc. your certificate is refundable to the purchaser for 30 days from the date of purchase.  A handling fee of $30.00 is not refundable. After 30 days from time of purchase the certificate is not refundable.

If your certificate was purchased though an outside vendor and they do not offer refunds directly, your certificate is refundable through Warbird Adventures, Inc. only after the vendor has paid us. A commission and handling fee of 25% of the purchase price is not refundable. 
After 30 days from time of purchase the certificate is not refundable.

Your certificate is always TRANSFERABLE, and may be used by any individual designated by the certificate holder or purchaser. If your certificate is used more than one (1) year after the purchase date, you are responsible for any price increase on your particular flight.
The certificate holder may take their flight at any Warbird Adventures location during our dates of operation at that site. 
Warbird Adventures, Inc. will be flying at each location long enough to fly all certificate holders that schedule in advance. In the event of circumstances beyond our control, specific flying dates and airports are subject to change.
We fly 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. We are closed on Sundays. Call the number for the location where you would like to fly to schedule your flight.  If your schedule permits we recommend weekdays as the weekends tend to fill up rather quickly. We cannot always guarantee a weekend slot.  Be prepared to adjust your schedule in the event of weather or other factors outside our control, which may require the rescheduling of your flight. The time available for us at each location, other than Kissimmee, FL is limited.  Our schedule includes enough slots to fly all certificate holders from each location.  You must schedule in a timely manner to be guaranteed one of these slots.  We require 24 hour notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your flight.

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Open Monday through Saturday 09:00 - 17:00. CLOSED SUNDAY. 

Reservations for flights are not required but HIGHLY recommended.
Warbird Adventures, Inc.
Kissimmee Gateway Airport
233 N. Hoagland Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34741, USA
Phone: (407) 870-7366
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